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Set scripts is a collection of boards
ads and databases on almost all occasions, namely:

- Auto - market
- Jokes
- Business partnership
- Labor exchange
- DB: Elite dog
- Ladies - Kept
- The girls - models
- Collectibles
- Board of antiques
- Business ideas
- Adult Services
- Intimacy for Ladies
- Directory of proposals for link exchange
- Scripts directory
- Software catalog
- Links catalog
- Catalogue
- Product stores
- Apartment Service
- Cat´s board
- Recipes
- The property
- Reviews, tips, advice
- Received a freebie
- Manufacturers of the computer equipment
- Dating Services
- Goods and services
- Music library (music)
- Khaljavnogo Hosting
- E-books

All databases are made on PHP scripts without using MySQL,
in connection with which operate even khalyavnykh host with PHP.
All information is stored in a "* .dat" files. Systems do not require settings
and start working almost immediately after you upload files to the server.
Note: Resale 30 UNIQUE RUSSIAN bulletin boards is permitted in the case of a positive review!
Bonus positive feedback:
Map extension / PopUp registration service ( for 1 month - service description:
The service, which will raise the efficiency of your advertising on order.
This service allows you to bring your information to each potential customer, who visited the site. HTML-PopUp, in most cases, it is not blocked by browsers.
You get an interactive means of building PopUp-windows, placing of advertising information, and you can build a single advertising center for your projects.
Your projects are available at any time from anywhere (with Internet)
You get the opportunity to change the contents of the advertising window, without changing the code located on your page!
Service forms find JavaScript-code stores it on the server and provides the code to install on your page.
All settings are made in interactive mode, it does not require knowledge of HTML, JavaScript from the user.
Position POPUP-window shows fixed or selected from the list (Top-Left, Center, Center-right, etc.).
Possible delay setting display window and select "vyplyvaniya" (left, top, right, bottom).
Adjust the frequency display windows the visitor (Each time, once per session, once per day, etc.).
Automated options window decorations (installation dimensions, choice of background color, border, font ...).
Scrolling option for tracking and ad rotator window.
Be able to download images and placing it in the advertising window.
The ability to place shapes in a window (mail, registration, etc.).
If you know HTML, you may create an interactive page on the screen.
Write to me on E-mail.
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