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World of Warships
Extending the working capacity of the Burevestnik Discord bot.
For an alternative payment with a bank card - you can select in the "Pay via" item.

Petrel - a bot for the Discord server that allows you to receive data on players, clans, servers, ships, etc. in the World of Warships game
The bot allows you to display statistics on the seasons of RB and KB, log the results of battles, display information on ships, news, and much more.

After paying and receiving the key, you need to send it to the bot using the /key command on the server you need.
! Full functioning is guaranteed only with the Mir Korablei client and the CIS region. The functionality of mailing lists and some commands on the World of Warships client and regions other than the CIS is not guaranteed!
24.11.2021 2:40:46
Бобма ракета, купил продлил, ток с оплатами на сайте нее очень все хорошо)

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