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Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus, in addition to the classic features, it is also:

⭐ Make it easier to read in Word with adjustable column width, variable page color, reading functionality, and even better performance with sound effects as beeps;
⭐ Add scalable vector graphics to your documents and presentations, accessible from a large symbol library or imported from other sources, to improve their quality and add a visual aspect to your work. SVG objects allow you to scale and repaint them without worrying about poor image quality.
⭐ Translate using the translator feature available in Office applications, which you can use to select parts of text and receive translation without leaving the program.
⭐ LaTeX syntax equations can now be implemented in Office documents, so that some mathematical and scientific problems can be better represented.
⭐ The morphing feature provides greater flexibility when creating animations, transitions, and object movements in PowerPoint.
⭐ Adding 3D models to a presentation gives your work a more advanced look and can have a greater impact on those who see it.
⭐ PowerPoint slides can be controlled using external devices connected to your PC wirelessly, such as Surface Pen 4 and Wacom Bamboo Inc, as well as other digital pens compatible with Windows 10.
⭐ In addition to many other Excel features, you can now use TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, and IFS to get more tools for creating tables. Adding new chart types also gives you the ability to simplify your work and create crisp and elegant documents.
⭐ The drawing function allows you to create interesting drawings in documents, handwritten texts and selections, as well as draw certain shapes using the "ink in form" function. You can draw not only with the help of touch devices, but also with the help of a mouse, digital pen or finger.

i️ One important note: OneNote was removed from the package because it became the default app for Windows 10. However, You can still install OneNote 2016 separately by using the Office Installer.
12.12.2023 11:02:10
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