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1. After purchasing this product, please contact us and provide us with a unique code.
2. In response to this, you will receive a code with which you can replenish the balance of your European Google Play account.
3. Available denominations 15, 25, 50, Euro

! The card is only suitable for EU accounts (only accounts registered in Europe) !
You must be in Europe.
! Using a public VPN definitely doesn´t help! You will just see an error that you are not in Europe and that´s it.
After requesting additional data, you will be subject to moderation and only Google support can activate the code if there are no discrepancies. After requesting additional data, it is useless to register a new account as it was before.
Activation methods published in April 2022 are no longer valid in the Russian Federation.

buyers! Currently, customers may experience this error when using a code: "Could not redeem this code. Gift cards can only be used in the country where they were purchased. This gift card is for Europe." "To learn more, read the Gift Card Terms and Conditions." This is not a code issue. The code is completely valid and is generated on Google servers at the time of payment. This is Google´s new defense. Guaranteed that your code will be activated only if you have a login in the US region (for example, gmail), a European phone number is linked to your account, and only IPs from the EU were used. Simply changing the account region to EU will not bring any results.

! We warn potential customers again that all codes are guaranteed to work, but only for real European accounts! If you are not a resident of the EU and will try to imitate this by trying to activate the code via VPN from any other country (that is, not from the EU), then you act at your own risk. You may be able to redeem the code. But for any problems in this case (that is, attempts to activate the code via VPN), we are not responsible. Messages: Couldn’t complete your transaction, Gift cards can only be used in the country they were purchased" or "The code could not be activated. This code can only be activated in the EU" means that the system did not recognize you as an EU resident. If you have a fully European account, have a SIM card from a European operator, or a local European provider, activation will take place without problems. In the EU, the code will be activated in less than in 1 minute.

: This card can only top up your Google Play Market Europe account (not suitable for Russian and other regions)!
Activation in Russia is difficult. You can try to activate via high-quality EU VPNs (public VPNs like Urban or Hola VPNs are not 100 suitable) or via friends in Europe, but in this case, do not activate it immediately, transfer the data to your friends first. In this case, there is a chance that the code will be activated without problems the first time. You may also need to create a new clean European account. Within the EU, activation takes less than a minute, even on Apple devices.
1. Sign in to your Google Play account or create a new one
2. Go to
3. Activate the pin code from the gift card
09.12.2022 22:21:19
All´s good!
26.11.2022 20:33:04
The code works, thank you!
06.08.2022 0:44:32
Все отлично продавец хороший человек оказал помощь

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