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After paying for the subscription, you will get access to watching Mir-TV television on more than 1000 channels up to 4 TV devices.
Username and password for two independent Mir-TV portals.
You will be sent a user manual, a step-by-step guide for installing and using Mir-TV television programs on all possible devices.
Archive of recorded TV shows with more than 100,000 videos.
+ Huge VoD video library + 10.000 movies and cartoons for kids and adults.

Mir-TV world-class television that should be in every home!
Watch more than 1,000 analog TV channels of your favorite TV channels movies and series in digital quality SD, HD, FHD, 4K, via the Internet anywhere in the world on Computers, Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TVs.

+ Huge VoD video library + 10,000 movies and videos.
+ Archive recording channels of more than 100.0000 recorded TV shows.

List of our channels:
Russian and foreign TV channels in Russian by category:
General, News, Regional, Sports, Music, Educational, Entertaining, Movies, Children´s, TV shops, Adults.
By country:
Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Australia, USA, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, UAE, Egypt, Arab, India, South Korea.
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