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✅Log in to your YANDEX+ account, making sure that this is the account on which you want to activate the invitation,
✅Follow the link you received - an invitation to a family group on Yandex.
✅ If you have a subscription that has already ended, you must first go to the family profile https://passport ,select "This is you" and "Leave the group".
05.12.2023 18:33:35
Перехожу по ссылке и ничего не происходит.
05.12.2023 16:09:06
Моментальное подключение
05.12.2023 11:35:08
Всё прошло быстро и удобно!
05.12.2023 9:15:24
all is ok
04.12.2023 17:30:59
Все сработало, моментально получил ссылку на приглашение

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