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You will receive a promotional code to activate your KION MTS Premium subscription for 60 days

Movies, music, spam protection and other benefits for you and your loved ones

What is included in the subscription can be found on the official website

Subscription is available to subscribers of all operators.
Subscription is not available on MTS corporate tariffs and tariffs for smart devices.

⏱️ Instant of goods! ✔️100 Guarantee.
💰 Discount for regular customers! CASHBACK for positive feedback.
💬 Support in case of problems or questions.

📌 Unique promotional code, activate 1 time per 1 account.
Activate within 14 days after purchase, further claims will not be accepted.

50 GB of Internet per month for MTS subscribers with a subscription fee
- Subscription to MTS Music
- Subscription to the KION online cinema
- Quick dialing to the contact center and priority service at MTS and MTS offices
- Bank Blocking spam calls for MTS subscribers

What is included
🚩 The list of connected services and privileges may change. MTS is adding partners and excluding some from the list of privileges. The list of what is included in MTS Premium is not constant. See the exact details on the program website

Premium service with priority. In communication shops, on the website or by telephone, “premium” subscribers are served first. In the chat, all questions of MTS Premium program participants are resolved in a few minutes, and they can call the hotline at 0890p, where they do not have to wait long for an answer.
TV, Cinema and series in the KION service. Subscribers who connect to “Premium MTS” receive a free subscription to “KION” as a gift. It includes over 200 channels, as well as many films, cartoons and television series.
Additional Internet traffic. Another 50 GB is added to the standard traffic within the tariff plan. The option is not valid on tariffs with unlimited Internet. For users of tariffs without a monthly fee, 5 GB is available per month without additional payment. This privilege is available only to MTS subscribers.
Blocking SPAM calls for MTS subscribers. All suspicious incoming calls will be dropped and blocked automatically, and you will receive a transcript of the conversation. Cashback up to 20 for communication services and paid subscriptions. “Premium” clients can return part of the funds for paying for tariff plans of the “All MTS” line, the “VNet”, “More minutes”, “Internet 10 GB” and “Home package” options, as well as for paid subscriptions to “Kion” services , “Strings”, “MTS Second Memory” and others.
512 GB in the “Second Memory” service. Now you can back up important data from your phone for free.
Subscription to the online service “MTS Music” - access to the catalog without additional payment and restrictions.
Free access to the book catalog in the “Strings” service - just log in with your number with a connected premium subscription.
Exclusive rates at MTS Bank. Credit rates for “premium” subscribers are 1 less, and savings rates, on the contrary, are 0.4-0.5 higher. “MTS Premium” members can save up to 0.2 on mortgage lending. Also, if you have an MTS Bank card, it will be possible to use increased cashback in supermarkets.
Privileges also include special offers from MTS partners, which apply only to VIP clients. These could be discounts, gifts and much more.

Subscription users receive cashback from MTS partners and its own services. Bonuses are accumulated in a separate account, which is visible in the subscriber’s personal account. They can be spent with partners or on MTS services.
15.05.2024 17:37:42
Третий раз беру подписку мтс премиум. Всё работает!!!
14.05.2024 18:55:32
Не работает
07.05.2024 22:40:28
Все супер! Код подошел без проблем! Главное не забывать отключать выставление счетов на сайте)))
А продавцу большое спасибо !
14.04.2024 9:15:30
Все получилось!
23.03.2024 4:17:34
Промокод пришёл мгновенно после подтверждения оплаты, активировался без проблем. Ровно 60 дней.

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