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After paying for the order, you will receive a code to replenish inside the game account of the game PUBG Mobile at 8100 UC (Unknown Cash).

You can not make a recharge on the servers of the following countries: China / Japan / Korea / Taiwan / Vietnam!

PUBG Mobile UC Unknown Cash is the game currency for PUBG Mobile, also known as Unknown Cash (UC). Buy in-game boxes to unlock weapon skins, clothes, parachutes, and more.
How to Redeem:

Go to
Enter your Player ID.
Choose Razer pin.
Enter the pin code you have received.
The key has been activated and added to your account. You can play now!

In case the method above does not work, please try the following:

Go to
Login/register using your account.
Enter the key you have received.
18.12.2023 12:44:30
16.12.2023 18:56:20
После оплаты код пришёл моментально, у меня возникли трудности но продавец достаточно быстро отреагировал на моё сообщение и помог разобраться. Спасибо большое за оказаную услугу. Буду дальше пользоваться товарами данного продавца, советую

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