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Activation: Ubisoft
Platform: PC
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
Language: English
Region: EU countries (when activated in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries, you will need to change ip on any European Union country)

Game Features:

Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise where time seems to have stopped. Dictator Anton Castillo intends to restore the former greatness of the nation at any cost. He is followed by his son, Diego. But the flames of revolution flared up in the oppressed country.

Your character is Dani Rojas from Yara. Become a resistance fighter and free your people. Play the full game solo or co-op with a friend.

Fight against the Castillo regime in the biggest Far Cry game yet. Jungles, beaches and cities await you to explore on foot, on horseback or with a variety of modes of transport, including boats and jet skis.

******************************************************* **********

Game activation:

• If Ubisoft client is not installed, download and install it:
• Sign in to your Ubisoft account or sign up for a new one if you don´t already have one.
• Click on the "Menu" icon and select "Activate Product".
• Enter activation key
• After that, the game will be displayed in the game library and you can download Far Cry 6.
08.04.2024 16:35:46
Всё быстро доставили)
08.04.2024 14:30:32
Всё очень хорошо и быстро
05.04.2024 18:34:09
Все быстро, активировал через друга в другой стране
14.03.2024 18:55:35
Все отлично и быстро рекомендую, а и еще Хочу подарок 😊
13.03.2024 10:25:41
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