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100% GUARANTEE - the game/software will NOT be revoked.

Hyphens are completely legal, nothing bad will happen to your Steam account and the game in the future.
To get the game you need to have a Russian Steam account (Region: Russia, Currency: Rubles, IP: Russia)
If you have a Russian IP + Russian account - you will be able to get a game without problems, after activation - the game becomes global and you will be able to play in your country without VPN and Proxy

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10.07.2024 7:12:52
Товар пришел и все прошло просто отлично)
06.07.2024 16:43:21
Все быстро пришло, спасибо!
01.07.2024 19:16:17
все отлично спасибо
28.06.2024 1:26:28
21.06.2024 17:25:59
Большое спасибо!
Гифт с игрой был успешно получен.

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