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REQUIRED READ🔥Best price on plati!🔥
✅ After payment, you will be redirected to Our website, and the order is AUTOMATICALLY sent for processing.✅
⚡If the balance did not come immediately after clicking on receive the goods, wait up to 10 minutes, then write, we will solve your problem⚡Replenishment is suitable for accounts in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan 🇷🇺🇧🇾🇰🇿🇺🇦🇺🇿►In case of successful payment to an incorrectly specified login, the payment is not returned, this is also stated in the add. condition - SPECIFY LOGIN, we do not accept claims in such cases, the service is rendered in full. Therefore, before paying, we recommend that you make sure that the data entered is correct.

►If the region of your account is different from those specified in the description, a refund is not possible, please read the description carefully.

► ATTENTION! ► If you have an account that has never been replenished (new), then we do not recommend buying a replenishment for an amount higher than the minimum, because. steam can change your region to the CIS in USD currency (prices will not be in rubles and higher). It will not be possible to change the region back to the Russian Federation (sanctions), we will not be able to cancel such a payment, therefore we RECOMMEND pre-ordering the service of changing the region to Kazakhstan or Ukraine

►If you ignored the account requirements and still tried to send funds to yourself, they will not reach. If the region of the account is not Russia (Rubles), Belarus (Belarusian rubles), Kazakhstan (Tenge), a refund is not possible due to the impossibility of a refund by the payment system.deliveryattention🌏 WE REPLENISH THE CRIMEA, LPR AND DPR, for this you will need to close the client on the PC 20-25 minutes before payment and turn off the mobile Internet on your smartphone or transfer it in airplane mode, make a payment, after receiving a successful status on our website, you can open Steam, also can be tracked by mail, a letter will be sent from Steam to replenish the account. Steam blocks sending a payment during an active session from the Crimea, LPR and DPR, without vpn or offline it will not be possible to replenish the account 🌏 deliveryattention►The recommended daily limit for replenishment is 31,000 rubles per day in the GMT zone! We can top up more, but for this, contact our support
►Please split large amounts of 12k balance per payment.
05.12.2023 16:40:40
Все отлично, деньги сразу не пришли, написал продавцу, в течении 20 минут все решили
05.12.2023 13:48:33
Всё прошло оперативно.
05.12.2023 11:07:59
Спасибо, всё быстро и качественно!
05.12.2023 1:37:36
Как всегда на высоте. Быстро и качественно. Спасибо!
05.12.2023 0:17:10
Спасибо, деньги пришли

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