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🌍The game works in all countries, including Russia!🌍
⭐️ By purchasing this product you get an uplay account with the game ASSASSIN’S CREED MIRAGE DELUXE for playing offline
The account is shared, only your progress will be in the game, no one will stop you from completing the game What´s included in the Deluxe Edition:
☑️ A suit of sands, the whimsical lightweight fabric of which gives grace to movements.
☑️ Sword of the Sands that can heal its owner.
☑️ Dagger of Time: according to legend, the sand in it allows you to control time.
☑️ The horse of the sands, whose running across the sands seems to slow down the passage of time itself.
☑️ Eagle of the Sands - when this mysterious creature soars into the air, it seems to soar in the streams of time itself.
☑️ Talisman in the form of an hourglass. According to legend, the sand of one of these talismans contained terrifying power, the release of which would lead to chaos in the world.
☑️ Alamut Initiate (Desert Sands) - A color scheme based on the desert sand and dune shades for this costume.
☑️ Digital art book and Official Soundtrack of The Art of Assassin’s Creed® Mirage.
☑️ DLC: Assassin´s Creed Mirage Forty robbers.
- Account for offline use only
- It is forbidden to reinstall and update Windows while using activation
- Any change of account data is prohibited
- One activation - 1 PC
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28.03.2024 20:07:40
все норм
27.03.2024 18:54:41
Продавец в сети, но не отвечает, не советую покупать у него товар
Upd: помог, но пришлось ждать
19.03.2024 19:51:30
Спасибо продавцу, все отлично.
09.03.2024 0:46:05
Всё хорошо. Продавец оставил более чем подробную инструкцию для успешного запуска игры.
01.03.2024 23:26:41
все работает, немного танцев с бубнами, но игра за 100 руб того стоит

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