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🔶 ChatGPT 4 PLUS account, with paid subscription for a month.

🔶 The account will only have you and the other 4 people who bought this account.

- What if some person leaks the account to the public?
If you notice that by the look of the account is clearly more people than stated, I will give you a replacement, do not worry and write an angry review, because I am not to blame, the account just leaked to other people. Write me in private messages and I will give you another account. Limit on replacements: 2 accounts per week. Guarantee for replacement 3 weeks !

🔶 - And until what date is the subscription extended? What if it expires early?
Don´t worry, even if your subscription expires early or your account gets locked, I will give you another account. There is a 3 week replacement guarantee!

Pay to all my products, there may be an account for the number of people you need. Plus there is a large selection of different products

Product Overview: Get 1 month access to ChatGPT-4 PLUS - your key to a world of innovation and cutting edge technology.

Key Features:
Extensive Knowledge Base: Answers to a variety of questions.
Advanced Features: Personalized recommendations and support for multiple languages.
High Speed Processing: Fast and accurate query processing.

ChatGPT can be used in many different fields:
Sales Texts, YouTube Scripts, SEO, Code Development, Business Planning.
DALL-E Integration (MidJourney Analog): Creating unique images and illustrations.
Important Information:
❤️ This is a shared Account: due to this there may be temporary technical problems. In case of problems, we recommend to repeat the request or try to log in to the account again.
❤️ Account Usage: We do not recommend using the account for serious tasks.
❤️Не buy an account more than once to avoid getting the same account. Be prepared to change passwords.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:
❓ Q: I´m getting a Too many requests error.
✔️ A: Please log back in to the service in 5-10 minutes.
❓ Q: Is the account shared?
✔️ A: Yes.
❓ Q: Are there limits on requests?
✔️ A: Yes. Version 4 has limits. 50 requests per 3 hours. So sometimes to use version 4 you have to wait for the limits to resume. This is due to the fact that the chat is shared. You can still use the chat only in version 3.5. There are no limits on it. If you are not ready to wait, don´t buy a shared account.

🚫 Any manipulation of the account that may result in loss of access is prohibited.
🚫 It is forbidden to change account data (login/email/password).
🚫 It is forbidden to make purchases or link a card to the account.
🚫 It is forbidden to transfer accounts to third parties.
🚫 Replacement warranty 3 weeks !

25.01.2024 10:06:05
Благодарю продавца аккаунтов GPT чата за отличный сервис! Приобрел у него аккаунт и был приятно удивлен качеством и скоростью обслуживания. GPT чат работает на ура, и теперь у меня есть доступ к множеству полезных функций. Рекомендую этого продавца всем, кто ищет высококачественные аккаунты GPT чата!