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💬 Instructions after payment:

1️⃣ Write the username number that is linked to your telegram account / or phone number;
2️⃣ I pay for a subscription for a period of 1-3-6 months from my personal card;
3️⃣You check availability, then confirm the order.

🎁 The purchase takes place through the official Telegram client, which guarantees 100% security for you and your account. During the purchase process, your data will not be harmed in any way, everything is confidential

🛑In case the buyer initiates a return due to reasons unrelated to the performance of the product, we withhold a commission of 30%
If errors are on the telegram side, the return commission will be reduced to 20%
💬 What to do after paying for the goods?
✅ You need to send the “Correspondence with the seller” chat on, send a 16-digit payment code and your telegram login details
27.05.2024 22:08:09
25.05.2024 10:04:55
nice work
23.05.2024 18:39:27
good work, fastly quality
22.05.2024 18:16:39
всё отлично и быстро, рекомендую!
22.05.2024 13:01:17

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