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24 Rub.
Recharge codes for denomination (10 rubles.)
SMS-REG.COM allows the use of virtual mobile phone number to receive SMS messages.
After payment you will receive a unique code.
Next to your account on the page "Deposit code"
-Zhmёm Button (codes of replenishment)
Entering the resulting code
-Zhmёm Button to enroll!
-And Balance instantly updated!
These codes have the advantage of replenishment with instant replenishment of the balance can not be said about the payment aggregators ...

Video instruction "How can I refill using recharge codes !!!"

DO NOT forget to leave feedback after the purchase !!!
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Other denominations recharge codes:
Recharge codes for (50rub.)
Recharge codes for (100rub.)
Recharge codes for (500rub.)
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