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===================================================== ===================================================== ==============
❗❗❗Detailed activation instructions will be available immediately after payment in the “Instructions for
use of the product"❗❗❗
💎After payment you will receive a license key to activate Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition (2014)💎
💯You will be able to download games in any region and at any time, with all available languages👍
🔑You will receive the key in your personal account📦
📧Also, a link to the page with the key will be sent to your email address specified upon purchase.📧
💪 Activation takes place ON YOUR ACCOUNT - with the ARGENTINA REGION🌏
🌏To activate the key, with a connection to ARGENTINA is required🌏
⭐️After activating the game, WITHOUT REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS⭐️
👌Games are forever associated with your Microsoft account👌
😶REFUNDS ARE NOT PROVIDED for the following reasons: I didn’t see, I didn’t know, I didn’t understand.😶
🧐If you have any questions, please contact the chat BEFORE PURCHASING🧐
📌Platforms - Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One📌
===================================================== ===================================================== =================
🔥Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition is an epic action RPG adventure,
which takes place in a dark fantasy world. In the game you will
manage an ex-criminal who was forced to go into danger
journey to stop the return of dark forces.🔥
🔥You have to explore a vast world full of dangers and challenges.
Fight powerful enemies using a variety of weapons and magic.
Develop your character to become even stronger and more resilient.🔥

🔥Lords of the Fallen Complete Digital Edition includes:🔥
✔️ Full version of the game Lords of the Fallen
✔️ "Ancient Labyrinth" DLC with a new location with tasks, new loot, enemies and a strong lord
✔️ The task “Deciphering the Monk”, the reward for which is a legendary artifact revealing hidden secrets
✔️ Demon Weapons Pack – a set of three powerful weapons
✔️ Lionheart Pack, which includes Bravery Armor, Lion´s Head Shield and Hammer
✔️ Secret upgrade: 1 spell point and 3 small sealed runes
✔️ Basic upgrade: 2 points to parameters and 1 health potion.

===================================================== ===================================================== =================
📌If your account is Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, you need to change the account region
entries to the key region for the duration of activation.
Link to shift📌

===================================================== ===================================================== =================
😉If you are unable or unwilling to activate the key on your account, we are ready to take on this task! Use the offered service for the convenience of activating the key for you.(
21.02.2024 14:15:28
16.02.2024 19:07:17
26.01.2024 14:29:45
Активировал, все ок
16.01.2024 13:53:16
Немного испугался, когда подвисла оплата по сбп, но в итоге ключ пришёл, всё отлично)
21.05.2023 2:22:13
Нормально, пойдет. Ждал правда помощи 3:30 часа, но ничего, так или иначе он мне всё же как никак помог. Рекомендую. Продавец по моей шкале ( 7 из 10 ).

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