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Long ago, the human realm was ruled by Adyr, a terrible and evil god who enslaved mankind. But over time, a rebellion grew in the hearts of men. Led by three powerful beings - the Judges - the man rose up and overthrew Adyr and his monstrous Rhogar army, banishing them to a distant dimension. Humanity was finally free to dictate its own destiny. To dictate a new order...

Now, millennia later, in a land where sins are not forgiven and redemption does not exist, Adyr threatens to break free from his imprisonment. His Rhogar legions have invaded the human realm to pave a bloody path to the return of their vengeful master. In desperation and under siege, humanity is crying out for an unexpected savior - a condemned sinner, rejected by society and banished from the world ... a man known as Harkin. Branded with tattoos of his immorality, he must travel to the source of this Darkness and face... the Lords of the Fallen.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a dark fantasy RPG set in a dark world on the brink of destruction. Use powerful magic. Master the complex and exciting melee combat system. Seek redemption in the fire of battle... and stand against God.

Explore a huge dark fantasy world
From crumbling tower tops to ancient burial grounds, immerse yourself in a world threatened with mass destruction. Navigate intricate mazes and discover hidden passages in pursuit of great treasures, but keep in mind: loot isn´t all there is to the curious...

Conquer the complex combat system
As each encounter presents a unique challenge, only those who master deep and rewarding Souls-like combat will feel the victory. Fortify your steel with devastating magical attacks and earn XP with every kill to upgrade your preferred spells and attributes.

Face the lords of the Rhogar army
While every Rhogar is guaranteed to test your mettle, the biggest threat to Adir´s army comes from his mighty generals, the majestic Lords of the Fallen. These catastrophic boss battles will test even the most skilled warriors - one wrong move and the fate of the world could be sealed.

Use legendary weapons and epic armor
Customize your fighting style with a variety of weapons and armor. There are three types of armor: light for nimble players, medium for generalists, and heavy for those who are not afraid to take a hit. As far as weapons are concerned, when fighting against the Rhogar army, you have at your disposal a vast array of hammers, staves, axes, swords, daggers, and claws.
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