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Office 2019 Professional Plus includes:
• Microsoft Word is a very effective text editor with great capabilities for education and further formatting of various documents.
• Microsoft InfoPath is a program for collecting information and creating a wide variety of dynamic forms.
• Microsoft Office Web Apps.
• Microsoft PowerPoint - editor of detailed presentations with high resolution, full support for video, audio, and animation.
• Microsoft Access - a DBMS with very modern programming logic, templates, and full integration with the business data catalog.
• Microsoft Publisher 2019 is a special program for creating high-quality marketing materials and business publications without the help of experienced and professional designers at all.
• Microsoft Outlook is a convenient mail client for conveniently managing all e-mail messages with updated tools, support for a variety of web services and a built-in search engine.
• Microsoft Excel - a table editor for creating all kinds of reports and detailed analysis of information.
• Microsoft OneNote is a program for securely storing various notes with great navigation features and proper organization of information.Office 2019 Professional Plus is the latest development from Microsoft. The product was released in 2018. It includes a package of applications for home and professional use.

✅ If you already have the original distribution of Office 2019 Home and Student installed,
just activate it with the purchased registration code.

✅ For a clean install, follow the instructions in the email after purchase.

21.04.2024 7:50:07
Второй раз и все четко. Отличный продавец!
20.04.2024 13:56:41
Отдельное спасибо за инструкцию, всё активировалось!
15.04.2024 13:37:30
Сначала были проблемы, но поддержка оперативно отвечала, сделала по их подсказкам и заработало, спасибо!
03.04.2024 23:09:13
Все работает, и главное быстро!
03.04.2024 9:39:39

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