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Title: Lords of the Fallen
Publisher: CI Games
Release Date: Oct 13 2023Lords of the Fallen presents an all-new epic RPG adventure set in a vast and complex world that is at least five times the size of the original game.
After an era of brutal tyranny, the demon god Adyr was finally defeated. But the gods do not perish forever. And now, centuries later, the resurrection of Adyr is approaching. Become one of the famous Dark Crusaders and journey through the worlds of the dead and the living in this epic RPG featuring epic boss battles, fast-paced and challenging duels, exciting character encounters, and deep storytelling. Will your legend be light...or dark?
Dare to hope.
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4️⃣ Get the game and start your adventure in Lords of the Fallen🚀If you have already received the game, a refund is not possible. If you did not read the description or paid by accident or any return before delivery of the game initiated due to your fault, then the refund comes with a deduction of 25 of the amount, but if suddenly the fault is on me, then the funds will not be withheld (i.e. you will get the full cost back)
29.11.2023 18:21:43
Всё сделали быстро и главное всё работает, спасибо большое за оперативность!!!
25.11.2023 23:32:33
Все отлично. Спасибо
25.11.2023 17:19:14
Все в порядке!
24.11.2023 10:05:06
Подарок пришел за 5 мин . Качаю . Спасибо !
15.11.2023 21:09:12
Игру получил, продавцу - спасибо! Все заняло минут 15 - 20.

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